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i'm on the looo

Submitted by ayrton2007 at 02-21-2007
0 comment


Back in a few have to drop my kids off at the pool

Submitted by tomcan35 at 10-19-2006
0 comment

Dirty Job

It's a dirty job, but someone had to do it!

Submitted by FOBluvr07 at 09-10-2006
0 comment


I am not here I'm on the potty, but don't leave if you're a hotty

Submitted by xxkrazii101xx at 06-24-2006
0 comment

Shower Rhyme

I'm taking a shower. It might take an hour. I can be sweet , but i can also be sour. So don't hate the rhyme, Just wait the time, And i'll be back And ill be cleaner than a dime! HOLLA!!

Submitted by LiLxBRiNA at 06-23-2006
0 comment


scrub a dub dub im in the tub

Submitted by xxkrazii101xx at 06-20-2006
0 comment


twinkles in the potty

Submitted by xxkrazii101xx at 06-20-2006
0 comment

Tony Hawk

I'm away talking to my good friend, Tony Hawk...

Submitted by LoveHateU at 06-11-2006
0 comment


I have to go check my emergency exits and powder my nose!

Submitted by LoveHateU at 06-11-2006
0 comment


taken a dump brb as soon as im done

Submitted by xxkrazii101xx at 06-06-2006
0 comment


the elevator capacity says 24 persons or u'r MOMA

Submitted by shaneb09 at 05-24-2006
0 comment

Class is Boring

Ever have a class so boring you almost want to hurt yourself as an excuse to leave? yeah I'm in a class like that right now, leave me a message!

Submitted by billy_44 at 05-13-2006
0 comment

Sexxy Shower

I'm HOT, I'm NAKED, I'm RUBBING myself down ....... in the shower!!!

Submitted by billy_44 at 05-13-2006
0 comment

In Da Bath

Be back later.. I got a date with my rubber ducky!

Submitted by billy_44 at 05-13-2006
0 comment

Gone to Class

Gone to something my mother says I have nothing of... class

Submitted by billy_44 at 05-09-2006
0 comment

In the Tub

Mr Bubbles and I are engaging in a important bubble bath meeting, so leave me somethin and I'll get back to you. . . and I know you wish you were Mr bubbles ^_^

Submitted by billy_44 at 05-06-2006
0 comment

roses are red

Roses are red violets are blue im taking a shower so i dont smell like you!

Submitted by dxvolcomxc at 03-12-2006
0 comment


ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO QRSTUVWXYZ if your wondering wear the p is its about to run down my leg ! bathroom brb

Submitted by dxvolcomxc at 03-12-2006
0 comment


im away for a poo so il b a while, so dont expect a reply back for a while

Submitted by ash15782 at 02-23-2006
0 comment


Do not desturb...away for a bat!!!

Submitted by ash15782 at 02-22-2006
0 comment

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