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Are you smart?

Are you smart? Then call me and I'll let you do my homework.

Submitted by buddy at 04-02-2008
0 comment

Between childhood and marriage

College: A place to stay warm in between childhood and marriage.

Submitted by buddy at 04-02-2008
0 comment

I return from class

I am sleeping right now, so when I return from class I'll get back to you.

Submitted by buddy at 04-02-2008
0 comment

God help us all

It has commenced...finals week is upon us in full force, seizing what sanity I have left after a menacing term. The thought of a pure, utopian society has faded while (name of your school) has captured the last breath of any rational existence and conquered our self-worth. In coming days it is likely to see a plethora of unpleasant faces staring into an oblivion that can only be experienced by the (name of your school) society. The underlying prolifigacy in which this institution so loves to put forth has taken a toll on our already feeble carcasses, in result of consuming repulsive dining hall rations. The possibility of survival is a distant notion...God help us all...

Submitted by buddy at 04-02-2008
0 comment


College - A place where some pursue learning and others learn pursuing; An institution where you learn how to use punctuation marks, but not what to put between.

Submitted by buddy at 04-02-2008
0 comment

The more you...

The more you study, the more you learn. The more you learn the more you know. The more you know the more you forget. The more you forget the less you know.

Submitted by buddy at 02-28-2008
0 comment

The 10% rule

The 10% rule...You should be at least 10% smarter than the dog sitting next to you. Not understand? My point exactly

Submitted by buddy at 02-20-2008
0 comment

Mood swings

I am in a mental hospital because they say I have uncontrolable mood swings.....what are they talking about?!(Scream) I do NOT have any FREAKING MOOD SWINGS!!!!!! And...(sniffle) i have a great life (tear) why would I (sob) have any mood swings? (laugh) I am feeling great today! How about you?

Submitted by buddy at 11-27-2007
0 comment

School = Prison

You know, school is a lot like prison. This is because: 1) we are forced against our will to go 2) we eat in one room that's pretty small 3) we are kept in a small room they call, "classroom" which is like a cell. There, I've told you why school's a lot like prison, now will you come free me!?

Submitted by buddy at 11-27-2007
0 comment

Smart Person Doing Homework

Hello! Although I would adore the opportunity to be present and converse with you, I am regretful to state that I must attend to the monotinous and superfulous exercises implimented by those employed to supervise the required increase of my intelligence level. When I have completed these chores (which lack the motivation of my other ambitions), I will be available to associate myself with the portion of you that is not required to be capacitated by the painstaking duties of expanding your educational horizons.

Submitted by buddy at 11-27-2007
0 comment

Homework, homwork, homework

Homework, homwork, homework, homework... maybe I should stop saying homework and start doing it... nah, screw that, I'm gonna keep saying homework. Homework, homework, homework...

Submitted by buddy at 11-27-2007
0 comment

When i wake up...

When i wake up and go to the hell they call "school", il think about you to make it heaven..

Submitted by buddy at 11-27-2007
0 comment

I make 100% at school

Monday-24% Tuesday-25% Wednesday-25% Thursday-25% Friday-1%

Submitted by buddy at 11-27-2007
0 comment

Call the police!

Help!!!!! i'Ve BeEn RoBbEd Of My BrAiNs AnD i'Ve BeEn FoRcEd To Do My HoMeWoRk. Call the police!!!!

Submitted by buddy at 11-27-2007
0 comment


today at school we got real food for lunch, my teachers cancelled all of the assignments, everybody was wearing clown noses, the principal gave everyone cell phones, we got free ice cream, and then i woke up

Submitted by buddy at 11-27-2007
0 comment


How do you spell school? P-R-I-S-O-N.

Submitted by buddy at 11-27-2007
0 comment

Subsitute Teacher

How come teachers can have substitutes? It's not fair that they can have substitutes and we can't have any to take our place in class.

Submitted by buddy at 11-27-2007
0 comment


it feels like it's never going to end the homework waking up early,it's college the eneding of my education

Submitted by xxkrazii101xx at 06-25-2006
0 comment

Come on..

Never stop and frustrate to get our highest education

Submitted by Trieadi at 06-17-2006
0 comment

What I Think of Class

I think of class as nap time with background noise.

Submitted by billy_44 at 05-09-2006
0 comment

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