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When in love... from category Romance

You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.<3

Submitted by xKumiTan at 09-06-2009
0 comment

Friends from category Funny

I wish I were you so I could be friends with me!

Submitted by softballxoxo at 04-09-2009
0 comment

dance from category Funny

at dance...cause i can

Submitted by balletflatz at 02-13-2009
0 comment

Miss Me Yet? from category Funny

How can you miss me if I don't go away? :o

Submitted by Lizzie at 02-01-2009
0 comment

Love from category Romance

I feel as if something is going wrong inside of me. Like, something has possessed me. But, what is it? It's coming from my heart. That's right, the center of my heart, and it's spreading. Spreading like wildfire. But, whatever could it be? Wait a minute. I can feel it again. But, this time, it's coming from my brain. It's feeling the same as my heart. Should I be afraid? No. I know what this feeling is now. Whatever it is, it makes me think about him all the time. It makes me only write songs about him. It makes me dream about him at night. I know what this feeling is. Do you want to know? It's love.

Submitted by mizcutie125 at 12-26-2008
0 comment

Think from category Thinkers

Let's see how smart you really are... What's 7+7-7x7 divided by 7?

Submitted by mizcutie125 at 12-25-2008
0 comment

Care from category Other

Do you seriously think I care about anyone else, but me? Well, you thought wrong!

Submitted by mizcutie125 at 12-25-2008
0 comment

Love from category Romance

I think I'm in love. Can someone help me find out?

Submitted by mizcutie125 at 12-25-2008
0 comment

Me from category Other

Apparently, no one seems or wants to know how I feel anymore. God! Selfish, much?

Submitted by mizcutie125 at 12-25-2008
0 comment

shoping from category Shopping

I'm shoping so...I know you are jelous

Submitted by jillianbean at 12-20-2008
0 comment

im sleeping from category Sleep

i am sleeping> do not dare to aim me

Submitted by jillianbean at 12-20-2008
0 comment

Gay Guys from category Insults

Gay guys just don't get it. 11 doesn't get along like 10 does.

Submitted by flamingrythm at 11-17-2008
0 comment

Life... from category Eating

Life is more important than instant messaging your friends... especially when you are eating food!

Submitted by flamingrythm at 11-15-2008
0 comment

Pooing from category Bathroom

I'm pooing so I'm not here... you know?

Submitted by flamingrythm at 11-15-2008
0 comment

More Important from category Insults

I'm not answering cause I'm doing something more important than talking to you... like shopping! Toodles!

Submitted by flamingrythm at 11-15-2008
0 comment

HOTT guy!! from category Funny

I just met the hottest, sweetest, funniest guy in existence...and then his boyfrined showed up.

Submitted by sportie10 at 10-26-2008
0 comment

Homework from category School

I like homework. It fascinates me. I can stare at it for hours.

Submitted by rose8 at 04-21-2008
0 comment

Waves of cyberspace from category Other

Surfing the waves of cyberspace... Be back when the cyber sharks come out.

Submitted by buddy at 04-02-2008
0 comment

Dancing in the rain from category Thinkers

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about getting out there and dancing in the rain.

Submitted by buddy at 04-02-2008
0 comment

The truth is from category Thinkers

The truth is; we hide so we can be found, we walk away to see who will follow, we cry to see who will wipe away our tears and we let our hearts get broken to see who will come and fix it.

Submitted by buddy at 04-02-2008
0 comment

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